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Author: mnmobiletax

RK Testimonial

I have worked with Wayne for several years now. He makes something as miserable as doing your taxes extremely easy and effortless. He comes to you too, so don’t have to go far to get him what he needs

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SA Testimonial

I was sent a notice stating I owed over $2,000 in taxes related to my health savings account. I called my current accountant, and he listened briefly and told me the notice was right and to pay the bill. Fortunately, I mentioned this to Wayne and Minnesota Mobile. He looked into it, filled out one simple form for me, asked me for my HSA Bank statement, and had the matter resolved in very little time. Working with Wayne saved us quite a bit of money. In addition, he’s very responsive, professional, and someone I would definitely trust.

DB Testimonial

I saw Wayne for my 2011 taxes. He was extremely helpful and professional. He found me money that I had no clue I could get. He even made me a flash drive with my documents on it so I find them easily. It made filling out my FAFSA this year quick and painless. I can’t wait to see him again next year!

Where do I deduct?

I gave $10,000 each to my three grandkids. I was told that I should be able to deduct this. Where do I deduct it?

Answer: You don’t. Gifts to individuals, regardless of who they might be, are not deductible at all. You can only take a deduction for contributions to qualified charities.

Do we have to claim it?

My wife is primarily a stay at home mom but she did have a part-time job for a little while. She only made about $500. Do we have to claim this income when we file or can we ignore it as it is a small amount?

Answer: Yes, you have to claim it. It is a common misconception that small W2s can be ignored. If your income already puts you and your wife over the filing requirement, any additional income (even $1) must be claimed. In theory, she wouldn’t have to file at all if you two chose to file as Married-Filing Separately, but that would be a bad idea as her income is so low.

RD and MD Testimonial

I have been a customer of Wayne’s for almost 15 years. I have great trust in Wayne as a tax preparer and advisor. He knows that customer service is the top priority and is willing to guide someone through the tax preparation process so that there is a keen understanding of what is happening and that all entered information is correct.

Whenever I have asked for advice for the coming tax season Wayne has always provided well thought out information based on my individual situation and his years of experience in tax preparation.

Tiffany J. Testimonial

Each year, I select Wayne at Minnesota Mobile Tax because of his in depth understanding of the federal and state tax laws and his great attitude. At times, I’ve sold shares of stock and other times had extensive medical bills. Then came marriage and children, and of course, Wayne was able to run several scenarios for my family to help us understand how to best file for our situation. We’ve built a great relationship over the past decade with Wayne and I continue to tell everyone I know – who prepares my taxes and how they can contact him to do theirs! Tiffany J.