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What to Bring

It is always better to have too much information than not enough.

When you are pulling everything together for your Minnesota Mobile Tax meeting, here is a list of things it will be helpful to have available.  Bringing everything along saves time, which can save you money!

Income Documents

  • W2s
  • 1099s
    • 1099Misc for Miscellaneous Income
    • 1099Int for Interest Income
    • 1099Div for Dividend Income
  • Self-employment records for income and expenses
  • Any other miscellaneous documents that report income

Deduction Documents

  • Receipts for Medical Deductions
  • 1098s for Mortgage Interest and Property Taxes
  • Car Tab Receipts
  • Miscellaneous Work Expense Receipts
  • 1098s for Student Loan Interest Paid
  • 1098s for Tuition Expenses Paid


  • Social Security Numbers and Birth Dates for everyone on the tax return

Prior Year’s Return