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About Your Refund

The standard refund time frame for a direct deposit from the IRS is 8-14 days. Generally speaking, the IRS deposits money on a Friday. However, your bank may take a day or two extra to post it to your account. If you chose to have a check mailed to you, it will take approximately 10 days longer.

Click here to go to “Where’s My Refund?” at

You will need to know the primary social security number on the tax return, the filing status on the tax return and the exact refund shown on the tax return.

State of Minnesota
The State of Minnesota sends out income tax refunds very quickly. Sometimes, it can take as little as 2-3 days. Property tax refunds are normally sent in July for renters and in September for home owners.

Click here to go to “Where’s My Refund?” at the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s website.

Again, you will need the primary social security on the return and the exact amount of the refund.


Of course, not everyone receives a refund after they file their tax return. If you expect to owe money after your next tax return, we can help guide you through your payment options.