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About Wayne

Wayne Zbytovsky, the founder of Minnesota Mobile Tax, is an Enrolled Agent with almost two decades of tax preparation experience and over two decades of accounting experience.

Wayne’s work experience includes ten years as a Master Tax Adviser with the nation’s largest tax preparation company as well as almost 25 years as a Senior Accountant with two Minnesota-based equipment leasing companies.  Since receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Minnesota – Duluth in 1989, he has prepared more than 3,500 personal income tax returns, and filed more than 20,000 sales and property tax returns.  In addition to preparing tax returns and fulfilling his clients’ and employers’ accounting needs, Wayne has taught classes to help other preparers remain up-to-date with current and ongoing changes in tax laws and regulations.

Wayne is dedicated to providing outstanding tax and accounting services with integrity, accuracy and value.